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Coffee crown homestay is a serene bed & breakfast situated amidst a coffee plantation, hence the name. A relaxing getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. 


Client Requirement

Brand Creation/Consulting

The Brief

As a business, coffee crown’s objective is to be the best host & provide their guests the greatest experiences. The brief was to create a brand identity that would depict & communicate the same.


Logo concept

The logo element is ideated around the brand name. A cup of coffee stands as a jewel on top of the crown, transporting people from their homes to the property. 

A simple & clean-looking font is integrated with the main element to complete the logo. Ensuring high readability, this versatile font represents the brand’s ethos effortlessly.  

A brown color palette was the evident choice considering it illustrates the color of the soil, earth to represent the property’s presence amidst nature.