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Engineering an online educational platform for tattoo enthusiasts

Experience design and technology for a video based global online learning platform where mentors can publish video courses to learners.




Online Educational Platform

 Earning Designs Case Study of Online Educational Platform - Lila

LILA is an online educational platform for tattoo enthusiasts that mentors on a global level. LILA strives to make knowledge affordable and paves the way for the individuals with limited access to something as unique as tattoo art. We fulfilled LILA's dream of a robust platform to facilitate global aspirants who want to learn the art of making tattoos from amazing tattoo artists of the world.


Client Requirement

Web App Development, Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience Propeller, Business Operations Experience - BOX, UX Intelligence & Design Consulting

The Brief

The clients wanted us to create a seamless learning experience of tattoo art for mentors and learners globally.


The mentors and the learners were thrilled with this new learning experience platform. LILA was satisfied with their learners' retention and new acquisitions that they received.


Our Role

Experience Design - UX/UI - Web App

Go to market Strategy and Global launch

Web app development

Platform Architecture

BOX - Business Operations Dashboard Dev.

Data Migration

Business intelligence and analytics


Problem Analysis

Creating a mentor dashboard and administration module  was a necessity.

Necessity of a seamless video experience for the learners globally.

Required business and data intelligence for the payouts to mentor community. 



Platform Design & Go-to-Market strategy

We implemented a ravishing web app experience that matches their aesthetics.

We built a robust economic video streaming solution with multi-lingual audio and subtitle facilities to cater global audience.

Created a scalable technology architecture that handles the app, database, storage, content delivery and media streaming servers for high availability.

Exclusively engineered  the pay-outs mechanisms backed by data intelligence algorithms for artists who mentor on this platform.



With user journey evolving everyday, mastering micro-moments is highly necessary.


Incorporating images that represented the brand's purpose, like enhancing human interaction elements enhances user involvement.


Custom icons create uniformity and consistency across the application.


Our Approach & Creations

We understood from the existing learners and the mentors on how we can make this new platform an unruffled experience.

Tattoo school online
Tattoo school online

UX Analysis

User experience for the target audience of this web app was logically crafted and analyzed to sync with the user's personas. 

Tattoo school app

Visual Designs

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

Tattoo machine

UI Elements

online tattoo

I had given our online learning platform, LILA’s design & development responsibility to the team at Earning Designs and the final outcome is proof that they have done a great job with the entire project. I truly believe that they're a bunch of creative people under one roof, very humble and approachable. Awesome team work!!!

Sunny Bhanushali

Founder/Director LILA

Go-to-market  Designs

learn tattoo online