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Redesigning a web and mobile app to connect customers with local Home Improvement Service Providers in the USA market.

Experience design and technology architecture for home improvement projects.




Home Improvement

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Easybids is a versatile home improvement services platform that connects home owners with verified and skilled service providers for home improvement projects in their locality; this in turn provides project and job opportunities for service providers that match their expertise through a hassle-free and fair bidding process. Customers are given the opportunity to choose the service provider with right expertise exclusively for the required job.



Client Requirement

Web App Development, Hybrid App Development, Brand Identity, Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Experience Design, Customer Experience Propeller, Business Operations Experience - BOX, UX Intelligence & Design Consulting, Web App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web front-end UI

The Brief

The clients requirement was to recreate the experience for both the customer app that is for home owners and the provider app for the home improvement service providers in the USA market.


Our clients and their users were super satisfied with our experience design strategy as we are continuously improvising the platform with agile development releases. This makes the platform more robust and engaging and grow the brand in the market.


Our Role

Customer Experience Design - UX/UI - Customer App

Experience Design - UX/UI - Provider App

Experience Design - UX/UI - Provider Web App

Experience Design - UX/UI - Website

Marketing Automation for Customer Engagement

Platform Architecture & Backend Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Website & Web App development

BOX - Business Operations Dashboard Dev.


Business Problem Analysis

Customers found the interaction tougher before hiring any service providers in existing platforms of the market.

The customers also wanted a fair bidding process along with a chat feature with service providers. 

The previous mobile app lacked many of the features to support the actual needs of the users, so the onboarded customers and providers were unable to utilise the app to its full potential.



Product Design & Go-to-Market strategy

Designing and developing both the apps and the underlying platform from scratch i.e., the customer as well as the service provider app and the platform dashboards.

Launched it in the San Diego and Los Angeles area market and are now working on expanding these services to other major cities in the USA.

An administration dashboard, portal & analytics to overlook both the apps, since the platform caters both to B2B as well as B2C.



As the requirement was that of both designing the mobile application & the website, using elements that connect both is of high importance.


Hybrid mobile applications promote enhanced user experience by giving room for attractive UI/UX designs.


Simple UI & incorporating commonalities makes the switch from website to app or vice versa, easier.


Our Approach Creations

Ethnographic research of our own on user and market persona to understand our target audience, so we could provide the best of what we have to offer to our client and their customers.

UX Analysis

Experience journeys of both the user personas are evaluated with previous app and desired app features using stakeholder interview methodology.

home improvement services
home improvement services

Visual Designs

Competitor research on home improvement services market and we realized that most of them only generate leads for the service providers, but don’t actually let the customers interact with them, which we fixed by bringing in the interaction feature.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 


App Design

home improvement services online
home improvement services online
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UI Elements

home improvement services online

We would like to thank and recommend Earnings Designs to anyone looking to enhance their current website, App or create a new one.  These guys are top shelf when it comes to new and innovative way to help your business come to life.  Not only are their designs and features incredible, their outside the box thinking on ways to go to market, management, advertising separates them from the pack! We have been working with them for over 2 years with great pleasure. They deliver on what they say they will do and they always keep you informed on what’s happening.

Thomas Gonzales

CEO of Easybids

Go-to-market Designs

home improvement jobs
home improvement jobs
home improvement services online


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